AHHA Education

December 2014

AHHA Global Village 2014

Friday’s social night coincided with the international teachers monthly meeting in GDI-AHHA Education HQ. It was a perfect opportunity for them to showcase their various cultures.

The students were keen to understand more about the different countries that were on display. These included: England, France, Spain, Senegal, Denmark, The Netherlands, Macau, China, Japan, Austria, USA, Canada, Indonesia, South America and of course Timor Leste!

The school was treated to Spanish guitar playing, Japanese Karaoke, African traditional dress, Dutch biscuits and Timorese singing.

The many different races studying and teaching under one roof is a wonderful of display of ‘unity in diversity’ that exist in all AHHA schools. Read more

Capoeira Workshop

GDI-AHHA Education students spent Saturday afternoon learning about Capoeira – a traditional martial art form originating from African slaves in Brazil.

Adilson from Angola paid a visit to the main centre to showcase the different musical instruments that are used in Capoeira. He then treated everyone to a crazy performance on the stage.

The students learnt some of the basic moves and were able to put it to the test in the main hall. The whole school was filled with energy as the students sung and sparred together!

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