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June 2015

AHHA Thailand Progress

The AHHA Thailand team, under direct training from Big Teacher, (Dr Madenjit Singh) has been busy since January 2015. A lot of progress has been made on the English curriculum to make it even easier to learn English in a short period of time. The 20 exchange program students are making great gains in their understanding ‘Science of Life’ taking on greater leadership roles in preparation for being sent out to oversea English studies in a Thai public school. Here We take a look at the recent developments and future plans for AHHA Thailand.



Following the military coup of 2014, the new Thai government is currently in the process of rewriting the country’s constitution to meet the modern needs of the people. A large part of this rewrite includes dealing with ongoing educational issues, particularly with regards to improving the number of English speakers amongst the population.

This task is primarily being managed by the Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC). This is the branch of the Thai government responsible for overseeing all mainstream public primary and secondary schools across Thailand’s circa 220 educational areas. Each of these areas is managed by a director, who has overall responsibility for all schools within that area, as well as the many thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of students.

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International Volunteer Experiences in AHHA Education

Effie Bigum, 24 years old, Australian girl, is now a current volunteer in AHHA Education.

She is placed in Buri Ram province, Thailand, the headquarters of our international NGO.

Effie has shared her experience and thoughts about the organization. Let’s get to know her better!



1. Effie, its a pleasure to have you here and we really want to thank you for your time and all the work that youre doing with us. To start, can you tell us a bit about your current role in the organization? What are your main tasks?


You’re more than welcome. Well, to start, I have to tell that the organization in Thailand is a bit different from the other countries AHHA is working in. Right now we have a contract with Thai government to check if it’s possible to implement the AHHA English program in Thai public schools. My team is basically working towards that goal right now: to show how good the program is and display to the government and other schools, so they can be able to use it. It’s a big step for our organization and, if everything goes as we expected, also for the country.

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