AHHA Education

About AHHA Education

AHHA Education has:

  • Educated over 200,000 students since its foundation
  • Around 15,000 students being taught daily
  • An international exchange programme, which has allowed 300 of its students to experience studying and teaching abroad at AHHA centres in other countries
  • Achieved a graduate employment rate of 95%
  • 135 Centres acting as hubs for education and community services
  • An international volunteer programme, allowing like-minded people from all across the world to come together in the name of education


AHHA Education is an NGO which provides award-winning educational programs in the development of one’s potential.

The progress of AHHA Education since 2000, have created a complex eco-system of educational opportunities for many.

AHHA Education’s vision is ‘For all people and communities to have access to education and to be granted the opportunity to reach their fullest potential regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender etc.’

Thus our mission has been to ‘To provide high quality and holistic education to the underserved.”

To achieve AHHA Education’s vision, AHHA Education has thoroughly researched and designed several educational curriculums which have been implemented in many of our educational programs and projects.

AHHA Education has formulated one of the fastest and simplest English Language Learning Curriculum – ‘English the AHHA Way’. We have also researched and developed one of the most advanced personal development program – ‘Science of Life’.

Our curriculums and programs have been used in many of our current projects. To name a few, we have a Teacher Training Center which runs boarding programs and part-time programs and Community Development Centers which are educational centers located in the provinces.

Our complex eco-system has provided many educational opportunities for individuals. While many acquire employment and leadership and character skills, some have chosen to take on bigger challenges to become leaders and change makers of communities and countries.

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