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Please answer the questions as honestly as you can so that we can help match you to the role you will be most happy in. We can help advise you on different cultures and AHHA Education work ethic so please feel free to ask questions at any time!

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If volunteering at AHHA Education, would you be interested in finding accommodation outside, or would you utilize the free accommodation provided by us?

How do you feel about living in a community environment, even after office hours?

How would you feel to live together with people from different cultures, race, religions and educational backgrounds?

Are you able to work flexible hours if a project requires it? Or do you prefer a fixed clock in-clock out schedule?

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What experience, (if any) have you had of poverty??

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Does the AHHA Education Policy conflict with your beliefs? (Please see below)

AHHA Education Policy: Please be informed that AHHA Education is a non-religious organization, and we do not proselytize or allow our teachers or volunteers to do it in school. However, we believe in God or a Higher Power and teach Science of Life – Self that emphasises discipline, self-control, scientific thinking and universal principles to achieve ones full potential. We recognize all the major Prophets and respect all world religions. We have often been misconstrued as being old fashioned, unscientific because of our belief in God. However, one just needs to ask the people and they will tell you that we are sincere, truthful and superb in our performance and service to humanity. Does this conflict with your beliefs? If you are against anyone or an education system that believes in God or a Higher Power, then it will be difficult for you to work with our organization. Recent experiences with other volunteers have required us to make this a new policy. AHHA Education does not tolerate negative remarks and disrespect towards any religion. We hope you understand and can answer this question as openly as possible. Blind opposition towards God because of Charles Darwin is just as bad as one who believes in God because of upbringing because both are unscientific and one side of the story. Hinduism and Buddhism and other world religions teach that we evolved from the mineral kingdom to the vegetable kingdom to the animal and then only to the human kingdom. It does not contradict the principle of evolution in the Origin of the Species written by Charles Darwin.

 Yes, it conflicts with my belief No, It does not conflict with my belief

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