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Learning Journey with GDI-AHHA Education: A day of Service, Learning and Laughter

learning journey
All delegates from 47 countries throughout the world.

3rd August 2014, Phnom Penh – GDI-AHHA Education is privileged to have hosted 160 delegates for a one full-day humanitarian work event called the ‘Learning Journey’. The delegates are part of the ‘University Scholars Leadership Symposium’ which brings together 700 university students from 47 countries throughout the world. The annual symposium hosted by Humanitarian Affairs is held this year in Cambodia, with the support of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

The symposium has been given special attention by Prime Minister Hun Sen. He mentioned in an invitation letter to delegates:

As Prime Minister of this wonderful land, I would like to humbly encourage you to attend the 5th University Scholars Leadership Symposium 2014 and discover that you have the power to build a superior individual identity that will in the future transpose into the rest of the world in reducing poverty and creating global peace, contributing to the achievement for a sustainable future for all.

At GDI-AHHA Education, the delegates got involved in a range of exciting yet enriching programs.

Starting with community service work in the morning, the 160 delegates got their hands dirty by doing a range of jobs such as making roofs, sanding tables, painting classrooms and more. Some delegates got involve with the classes by sharing their culture and traditions with students. The aim of the activities are to provide opportunities for delegates to give back to society, while at the same time for them to learn and experience what is required in development and humanitarian work.

Siti Nabilla Haron, a delegate from Northern University of Malaysia helped in carrying firewood and in cleaning up around the community. When asked what she hopes to gain from attending the activities organized during the symposium, she said that she wants to be able to apply what she has learned during the symposium back at home. Nabilla’s plans to set up her own business while at the same time set up a foundation for the poor after finishing her studies.

The day continued with a concert performed by GDI-AHHA Education’s very own volunteers and students. A variety of entertaining performances were staged. The traditional Cambodian dance ‘Apsara’ opened the concert, followed by an energetic performance of a Japanese dance called ‘Dokoisho’ traditionally done by the Japanese fishermen in the past. Students and volunteers from different countries such as Laos, Myanmar and Timor Leste also performed their traditional dances. 3 students also sung English songs. A delegate from Switzerland, Denis Venkov, was impressed with courage and confidence that AHHA students and volunteers. He said that if he had to perform in front of so many people, he would have been nervous himself.

The afternoon then was followed by an energetic session of Khmer dancing lessons. Delegates were taught popular Khmer dances such as the ‘Romvong’,’Madison’ and ‘Lam Leav’. To end the day, delegates, students, volunteers and teachers all came together in a mass dance which lasted for 1 ½ hours.

GDI-AHHA Education hopes that the ‘Learning Journey’ program which the delegates experienced with us had provided exposure to humanitarian and development work while at the same time, allowing our students and volunteers to learn and form friendships with youths from different parts of the world.

GDI-AHHA Education is privileged to be one of the organizations selected to host delegates from the ‘University Scholars Leadership Symposium’.

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