AHHA Education

Our Objectives

AHHA’s Education’s primary objective is to provide high quality and holistic education through a structured program of employment and life-skills, to disadvantaged youths who face barriers to education due to:

  • Poverty: Unable to afford basic or higher education
  • Aptitude: Unable to cope with learning because of the levels of concentration and IQ required
  • Prejudice: Deprived of education on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexuality, nationality etc.
  • Attitude: Cannot see the value of education or lack the principles, ethics and forethought required to persevere

We aim to train all students to realize their full potential by actively focusing on character skills such as leadership, confidence and self-belief. This runs alongside study of the core employability skills of English, Maths, Computer Studies, Business, Administration, Management and Accounting.

We also work to provide numerous social services to the underprivileged, and to establish rural economic systems which will allow individuals and communities to become increasingly dynamic and financially self-sustainable.

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