AHHA Education


Full-Time Boarding Program

Youths aged from 16 -29 go through 1.5 years of holistic education training in employment and life skills. Students study: Science of Language (English), Science of Life (AHHA skills), Maths, ICT, Accounting, Management and Administration. As part of the course education, students conduct weekly seminars and social night performances. Our programs are very action-learning based and as part of their practical training and also for them to give back to society, students get the opportunity to become trainee teachers and centre managers. 95% of our graduates have been able to attain good employment, earning over double the starting salary of other high school graduates.

Part-Time Program

AHHA Education’s Community Development Centres offer our English Language, IT and Motivation. Students come from all age groups and classes are normally on a part-time basis. Not only do our Community Development Centres provide education to the community, but it is also a platform for our full-time students in their 3rd semester to develop their teaching and co-coordinating skills by become trainee teachers at the centres. Many of our other programs are also conducted from the CDCs.

International Exchange Program

Our international exchange program is a powerful educational program where outstanding volunteers are sent abroad for a 1.5 year overseas placement to: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, India or Timor Leste. Besides being a reward for their outstanding performance as a local volunteer, the exchange program seeks to empower volunteers in various other enriching ways: Using English as an international language overseas For our volunteers to advance in their English communication skills, they require opportunities to use English to communicate internationally. During their exchange program, volunteers have to use English during their travels. This serves as an opportunity to help them build confidence. Youths’ need for an overseas exposure and challenge For youth to grow their potential, they require new learning experiences, interactions and involvement in different activities. This can be provided during overseas training. They will have to face new challenges that come with living overseas such as: exposure to new environments and working with people from different cultural backgrounds.

International Program

For the past 12 years, AHHA Education Founder Dr Madenjit Singh has been privately training University graduates from developed nations in Science of Life. Students of this program study personally with Dr Singh to develop their understanding of human potential along with knowledge of how to live a balanced and fulfilled life. They are also trained how to become teachers of Science of Life and English. Upon completing the initial phase of their studies, they are sent out on the field to live and serve directly in underprivileged communities. In the field they get practical opportunities to develop leadership qualities whilst managing schools and other projects. Many of our International program graduates are currently serving as country directors and international board members and have the goal to bring these services back to their home countries in the future.

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