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    Kenny, 50, Malaysia

    I feel very happy that I had 1 month of holiday to do my volunteer job here. I met my Prey Veng Cambodia students and they are very nice, helpful and kind. It was a very fresh experience for me to learn teaching English in Cambodia. Although I was not staying at a very luxury house with them, but we were living in a happy situation. We cared together, helped each other and learnt from each other. Read more »


    Vincent, 27, The Netherlands

    I have been working in SOLS 24/7 Cambodia from October till December 2014. My working day was divided into 2 hours teaching the students at the part-time center en the rest of the day I worked at the office. Read more »


    Abdoulaye, 35, Senegal

    Volunteering at SOLS 24/7 Team is a great way to learn more about people coming from different countries, whilst sharing my experience and it is wonderful to see these people sharing the same room, eating and working together without disparity. SOLS 24/7 is an evidence that together we can change the world by helping people in need. Read more »

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    Vera, 26, Austria

    I’m Vera, 26, from Austria and I joined SOLS 24/7 in October 2014. I was looking for NGOs, which offer responsible and sustainable volunteering without charging money for it. That’s how I found SOLS. Not only did I find what I was looking for, I was also able to evolve my skills as a photographer. Read more »

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    Stasia, 18, United Kingdom

    So far my time in Cambodia has been really life changing, there has been a lot to adapt to and at first it was slightly overwhelming, but you surprise yourself at how quickly you adapt. My biggest challenge so far has been finding a bunch of kids in my bed at lunch and being torn between not wanting to wake them up and desperately needing a siesta. Read more »

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    Lea, 24, Spain

    Hello! My name is Lea, I come from Madrid (Spain) and have been in SOLS for one month already. I had the opportunity to go to the main center in Phnom Penh, where me and other colleagues combine the teaching with working at the office. Read more »


    Cecilia, 23, Sweden

    I did one month of volunteering in Kompong Som province. The school was new and only had around 20 students so I taught English for only two hours a day. The rest of the time I spent doing promotion in the village to attract more students. Read more »

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    Carleen, 22, The Netherlands

    After my graduation I decided to do some volunteer work in Cambodia. At the same time I wanted to gain some work experience for later. SOLS 24/7 was therefore the perfect organization. I could teach for 2 hours a day and the rest of the day I could help out with the recruitment. Read more »


    Flanna, 22, United Kingdom

    Being given the chance to really learn from a country is most definitely one of the attractions of volunteering can offer as well as so many others. You can break through the surface and feel what the country is really all about by living with locals. Read more »

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