AHHA Education

Welcome to AHHA Timor Leste

Country Profile

  • Capital = Dili
  • Population = circa 1,172,390
  • Largely Catholic country, circa 90% of the population
  • Large oil and gas deposits, many as yet untapped but beginning to be utilised by the government
  • Very large rich/poor divide, principally due to the gas and petroleum industry
  • Going through a period of economic growth and urbanization. This is having a large effect on the local population due to the building of new hotels, airports etc.
  • Renowned for its beautiful landscapes, including beaches
  • Spent much of its history under occupation, first by the Portuguese and then by Indonesia
  • Officially Gained independence in 2002
  • Suffers from lack of basic infrastructure such as paved roads, access to water etc.

AHHA Timor’s Impact

  • Established 2006
  • Largest international organization in Timor L’Este
  • Headquarters based in Dili, housing around 450 full-time boarding students
  • 64 centers nationwide
  • 7,500 students taught daily
  • Over 59,000 students taught since inception
  • 8 projects overall (see ‘Education; Projects’ for details)
    • Full time boarding program
    • Second home program
    • Community development centres
    • Government sponsored training
    • Telephone company training
    • Well digging
    • Computer supplies
    • Community concerts
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